The digital age of accountancy is well and truly upon us & the use of modern digital platforms is here to stay. Considering this we recently made the radical change to a new cloud-based database to better service the needs of our clients.

In todays business world information can be needed at a moment’s notice and its our commitment to try and make that possible.

We also value the sensitive information we hold and how important it is that you remain in control of your personal data.

That’s why with this in mind we decided to partner with the award-winning practice management provider ‘Accountancy Manager’.

Accountancy Manager offers our clients an online portal in which to access all their personal & company data as well as documents from a single log in.


Upon receiving the initial registration email you will be prompted to sign and accept an up to date terms & conditions policy as well as a digital engagement letter (There will be two engagement letters if you have both personal and corporate services with ourselves)

Once registration is complete you will have immediate access to the following features:


An instant timeline of all relevant deadlines, keeping you up to date with your filing requirements.


You now have full access to the information we hold, and this can updated, reviewed or removed as you see necessary. (Please be aware that some information may be required to complete services)

Phone numbers, addresses and other contact information can now be changed instantly putting you in control of your data.


We now have the functionality to upload your documents for anytime access to the portal.

Accounts and Tax returns can be digitally signed and made immediately available for download in a PDF format. You will receive an email notification when a document has been uploaded.

These documents will remain in your portal for access in the future.

This instantly reduces the time taken to have your accounts and tax returns completed, agreed & filed.



We hope that this upgrade will bring great benefits to our clients and have already found many reaping the benefits when they require information for a mortgage application or a loan.

If you have not yet had your registration email or would like to know more, please get in touch at