When setting up a limited company it can be a mine field to keep track of all your liabilities, obligations and deadlines.Unfortunately this is unavoidable. To try and make running your business a little easier we thought it best to keep you as informed as possible.

One of these new requirements is the need to complete the companies Confirmation Statement, previously known as the ‘Annual Return’.

As is the clue in its old name this is a required submission to Companies House on an annual basis. The submission is the completion of the form ‘CS01’ which can be done online or by post.


The Confirmation Statement is to confirm the accuracy of the details in which Companies House holds for the company such as:

  • Details of the registered office and the address where records are kept.
  • Details of the company’s Directors & secretary.
  • The SIC Code which identifies the activities of the company. (Find yours here http://resources.companieshouse.gov.uk/sic/)
  • The register of ‘people with significant control’ (PSC). These are individuals which hold 25% of company shares or voting rights or have significant exercisable influence or control over the activities of the company.
  • The statement of Capital and shareholder information.



You may use the confirmation statement filing to make changes to your SIC code, statement of capital or shareholder information.

Any other changes require separate disclosure to Companies House.


Even if no changes are required a Confirmation Statement will still be required to be submitted.



There is only a 14-day window in which you can file your confirmation statement. This 14-day period begins a year after the incorporation date of the company or the date of your previous filing.

Your Confirmation Statement can be filed here.




Failure to submit can result in a fine up to £5000 and possible striking off from the companies register.


D.H. Tuck & Co Limited

As agents we can file the Confirmation Statement on your behalf. This ensures that information is accurate when submitted to Companies House, within the filing requirement dates and any additional changes are disclosed and reported to Companies House.

Should you wish for us to complete this on your behalf please send an email to info@dhtuck.co.uk


This blog is published for information purposes only and readers should seek further professional advice. D H Tuck & Co Limited cannot accept liability for any mistakes or losses made based on the information provided.