Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company policy refers to our responsibility toward our environment. Our company’s existence is not lonely. It’s part of a bigger system of people, values and nature. The social responsibility of a business is to give back to the world just as it gives to us.

Managing our CSR is an ongoing process, but we strive to continue to maintain and improve on the commitments we have made.

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that uses sustainable business practices to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to society.

Legality & Ethics

As an accountancy firm we always obey and respect the laws in place. We ensure our practices are all legitimate and uphold the standards by which we are lawfully bound to do so as well as the expectations of the public in which a profession should conduct itself.

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) confirms our knowledge is up to date to maintain our commitment to act within the law.

We promote our identity by extending those legal obligations through relationships with our clients by ensuring we are open and transparent in our practices making clients aware that sustaining our integrity in relation to the law is a necessity.

Anti-money laundering policies are followed to protect the public and to deter individuals from illegal behaviour.

We are also governed by our professional body to always act with the best interests of the client as well as other stakeholders at the forefront of decision making. This ethical code is the underlying principle of our moral behaviour.


Employees are the life blood of any business, so we take looking after our staff very seriously. We aim to create the best possible environment to enable them to be comfortable and to grow.

Health and safety regulations are designed to keep employees safe in their place of work, these are always followed and allow for all recommendations to be considered to improve our standards of safety.

We have been recognised as an equal opportunity employer to give a true and fair chance to every potential member of staff.

Respecting their human rights and allowing for a common-sense approach to not only basic standards but also complex scenarios. This gives staff the ability to bring forward any problems or issues in a safe and understanding environment.

Protecting the environment

Here at D H Tuck & Co we feel that doing business shouldn’t cost the Earth. We recognise the need to protect the natural environment in which we work.

Keeping the environment clean and unpolluted benefits all of us so we try to exercise the best practices to help nature anyway we can.

We are always looking for new ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment and here a few we have in place right now.

Reducing Paper usage

Using the latest digital software has enabled us to reduce our reliance on paper, the use of email and digital storage facilities continues to reduce our usage year on year.

Local Recycling

Any paper that is used in our office is recycled confidentially using a local provider to ensure that those materials can be harvested and used again.

We are also able to recycle our used printer ink cartridges using a firm located here in Lincolnshire who re-engineer them to be refilled reducing the need for further plastics to end up in landfill.


Staff are actively encouraged to use other forms of transport for their commute to and from work to reduce the output of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Whether that be by Walking, Cycling, Car Sharing or public transport.

Donations & Sponsorship

Our company will always consider opportunities to make monetary donations or contribute our time for others.

These donations will aim to:

  • Give help to good causes to aid those in need.
  • Raise awareness of charities
  • Support the local community
  • Give Sponsorship for fundraising events.

Supporting the community

As a Corporation we feel that being socially aware is pivotal in the long-term success of the area. By supporting the local economy and recognising the needs of the community we hope to create a positive atmosphere for people to live and work in.

Decisions always consider the impact to all stakeholders (Staff, Customers, General Public etc.)

We aim for our suppliers to be equally as conscious as we are and try to support other businesses.

Our suppliers consist of any many local organisations whether that be for products such as stationary or services like IT support. We feel this also aids the environment in reducing the need for long distance delivery.