We are pleased to announce our new partnership with PayDashboard is now in place from the start of the 2019/2020 tax year. We can now offer a fully digital payroll service to make being an employer one step easier.

What is PayDashboard?

PayDashboard is an online payslip portal allowing employers and employees to access their payslips online. A simple modern design makes viewing payslips and their information much easier.

How does it work?

Employers and employees will have individual log ins to access, view and download their payslips. A straight forward one time set up allows the information to be available immediately, all we need is an email address.

What are the advantages?


  • Instant reports detailing the breakdown of their liabilities to HMRC & their employees.
  • Comparisons between periods making it easy to spot trends and keep costings in check.
  • No more having to manually distribute payslips to every employee.
  • The software meets all General Data Protection Regulations giving you piece of mind.
  • Immediate access after processing, no more waiting for the post.


  • PayDashboard stores all data including P60’s, P45’s & P11D’s for 6 years making it easy to retrieve older information.
  • Instant email notification when payslips have been uploaded.
  • Can be accessed on multiple platforms as and when needed.
  • Payslips & P60’s among others can still be downloaded for offline storage.
  • Guidance reports available to help explain different aspects of personal Tax & National Insurance.


Q & A


What’s the cost?

Nothing, we are offering this free of charge for all Payroll Customers.

What do I need to do?

An email address for the payroll administrator is all we need to get started.

E-mail addresses for employees for them to access their payslips.

What if some of my employees do not want digital payslips?

That’s fine, the payroll administrator will still be able to download and print any payslips as required for distribution. If they later decide they would like digital payslips, just send us their email address and they will then have access to all future and previous payslips.

What happens to employees leaving the company?

They will still retain access to their payslips via their usual log in.

My employee has forgotten their password or cannot access their email address.

A ‘Forgot my Password’ tool is available on the website, employers have no access to passwords.

For a lost email address provide us with an up to date address to continue access as before.


We will be in touch in due course to discuss the changes but if you would like to move to the system and get the process started please get in touch.

Or if you have any other questions or concerns give us a call today on 01472 348608